Show Me the Proof!

by Mar 26, 2018Chiropractic Myths

Chiropractic Care is NOT Research Based

Common Chiropractic Myth Number 3:

Many times we will be out networking in the community and speaking to other healthcare professionals and they will ask us to provide data or research.

For example, when we were at a dentist’s office doing a presentation on Chiropractic and the positive relief associated with TMD ( Temporomandibular Dysfunction) or this past week when we were speaking to a young family whose son was recently diagnosed with autism. We were talking about how important the nervous system was, and they responded by saying something along the lines of “prove it”.

Before we dive into the large quantity of research Chiropractic is built upon there are a few items that we must make sure we are crystal clear on:

  1. Chiropractic does not treat signs, symptoms, disease or sickness (I’ll explain below)
  2. Chiropractic deals with the nervous system and its function
  3. The best research narrows down all of the variables for the most accurate data
  4. Every research article/ case study has a bias

Is Chiropractic Care Proven?

Let’s start by explaining the first two above mentioned items. Chiropractic does not treat signs, symptoms, disease or sickness.

If we boil it down to its purest form the body is designed for health.

Every cell in your body has the innate capability to adapt, grow and heal. Every 70 trillion + cells in your body are coordinated very specifically by the nervous system.

The nervous system is your brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves. If this system functions at a high enough rate the body stays in a state of growth and health. Add in junk food, video games, car accidents, desk jobs, toxic chemicals, stress, etc., you start to lose that ability to adapt and heal.

When we lose this ability to heal and then multiply that by time we start to get sick, hurt and the disease process can start. (see more about what is missing in our society today and why we are getting so sick)

MEDICINE is the process of treating that sickness of the body. MEDICAL DOCTORS are the doctors trained to REACT to the sickness and PRESCRIBE something for it. CHIROPRACTORS are the exact opposite.

We work with the natural healing process of the body by maintaining the nervous system.

We do not treat the sickness or pain, we allow the body to adapt, heal and recover from those things naturally.

Now that we understand the difference in approach lets talk about #3 and #4 on the above list.

Research by the medical standards need to have control groups and the fewest possible variables possible.

For example, a patient with high blood pressure takes pill A and then the blood pressure lowers after x amount of time and this was the only thing they changed about their life. This research article then could be used to sell more blood pressure medication to the masses because it was deemed effective.

Here is the Million Dollar Question:

How do you limit chiropractic care to a small number of variables and control the data when we work with the nervous system?

As mentioned above there are 70 trillion variables and they are your cells and nerves. If that same individual came into the office seeking blood pressure reduction my goal would be to get the body naturally functioning as close to 100% as possible.

Only when the body was functioning at the highest level would it have the best possible chance to regulate functions such as blood pressure.

Now there IS a ton of research on chiropractic and blood pressure. However, if that same individual came in and they started to sleep better, eat better, digest better, have increased energy levels, came of their medications, they had decreased pain, better posture, less anxiety and depression, ect. how could you possibly tie that into a research article!

RESEARCH is designed to measure the EFFECT of sickness or treatment. CHIROPRACTIC deals with the CAUSE. It does not matter what the body does when it loses function the answer is simple:

Restore that function and watch the body THRIVE like it was designed to.

You can Google chiropractic care for ___________ and you will find case study after case study of individuals getting well. Cause vs EFFECT. If you ever want any specific research or case studies comment below and we will find you the resources you need.


Dr. Aaron Cain