The Nervous System?

by Sep 1, 2017FAQs About Chiropractic

Did you know that the very first structure that the body forms, the most important structure and system in your entire body, is your nervous system?

All body systems would be immobilized without the nervous system. It controls and regulates every bodily activity down to the workings of the tiniest cell. – World Encyclopedia of Science

But what exactly is your nervous system?

It all starts while you are still in utero, all of these little cells come together and they form your brain. From your brain, forms the rest of your nervous system. So, you get a spinal cord, and you get all of the individual nerves. (learn how chiropractic care helps you and baby during pregnancy).

This is extremely important because from this system, forms the rest of your body. It forms all the tissues, the organs, all of the different cells, every single thing that forms throughout that entire process, while we’re in the womb, is completely under the control of your nervous system.

The nervous system is actually so important, it’s one of the only systems, or the only system, in your entire body, that’s encased in bone!

Your brain is protected by your skull and your spinal cord is completely protected by your spinal column, or your vertebrae of your back and those are what make up our nervous system. Extremely important. 

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What does the nervous system do?

Imagine it like a train station and the tracks leading out from it. We have the train station which represents our brain and you have one track straight down the middle, that’s like our spinal column, and our spinal cord inside of our spinal column and then you have all of these rails going off in different directions, which represent the nerves traveling out from the spinal cord. 

Here’s the way that this system works: Your brain (or the train station) sends a very specific message. Just one message. The message comes outside the brain, or outside of the train station and it’s going to travel down your spinal column – and again, it’s a very specific message.

When that train, or the message, reaches the point where it needs to exit the spinal column, it will take the appropriate turn, and it will travel to where it needs to go.

For example, right now, as you’re reading this blog, you have signals going to your heart telling it to beat, you have signals going to your lungs telling it to breathe, you have signals going through your digestive system telling to digest the food that you ate 10 minutes ago; everything in our bodies completely under the control of this system.

The nervous system is a very complex system. You have over 78 trillion nerve fibers that exit from your brain, and they go to everywhere in your body.

So your brain is sending trillions upon trillion of signals every second, making sure your body is the best position to heal and to adapt to all of your different stresses that you’re currently under! It is an amazing process.

Take back control of your health!

So, if the nervous system is in control of everything in our body: our muscles, our heart, our lungs…everything, when was the last time that you got your nervous system checked?

Why is checking your nervous system not part of a normal routine for yourself, and for your family?

So that’s why at Impact Family Chiropractic we have invested in the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology for chiropractic care.

We access your train station, or your brain, all the way down to where your spinal cord ends in all of the individual nerves.

It is our goal and our commitment to you and your family to make sure, not only is the system working as a whole, but each one of the tracks is working independently as well. We want your system to run as close to 100% as possible.

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