Chiropractic Pregnancy Care Round Rock, TX

During pregnancy your body is rapidly growing and changing therefore placing new stresses on not only your spine and pelvis but also your nervous system.

pregnanct woman getting a chiropractic adjustment

Specific chiropractic adjustments work to align your spine and remove tension in your nervous system. Research has proven that routine chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can decrease labor time and pain up to 60 percent (1).

Having optimal spinal alignment and nervous system function helps to promote a more straightforward labor with less pain and trauma for both mom and baby.


Other benefits of prenatal chiropractic care include:

Decreased low back and hip pain

Reduction in labor pains and delivery time

More comfortable pregnancy

Restore proper balance in pelvis and hips

Improved quality of sleep

Decreased muscle spasms and inflammation

At Impact Family Chiropractic we are passionate about empowering women during this exciting time of their life. Whether you are a new or experienced mom we are honored to help you through your perinatal journey.