“I’ve struggled with migraines since 1998, and I saw several other chiropractors throughout my years. Impact Family Chiropractic’s technique is so gentle and I’ve seen so many results. Chiropractic care has helped more than just migraines: I sleep better, my eating habits are better, I feel better about myself.”

– Lisa V.


I mostly began chiropractic care to prevent further damage to my system; I’m 27 and was already seeing deterioration in my spine. Peace of mind about the future would have been enough of an incentive to continue treatment, but within the first few weeks my headaches were reduced. Previously, I would have to take a nap after work or refrain from spending time with my boyfriend due to headaches. I’m very glad I took this opportunity to invest in my future and prevent my problems from getting worse later on in life.”

– Sarah F.


“I struggled with chronic back pain even before I got pregnant. I was having trouble sitting or standing for long  periods, but after seeing Impact Family Chiropractic for 3 months, I am no longer experiencing daily chronic back aches and sharp pains down my legs. My body is so much more functional and I am able to be active without pain. I wish I would have seen Dr. Aaron and Dr. Lisa throughout my entire pregnancy, but they have definitely been a tremendous blessing the last 3 months!”

– Kiara S.


“I came to Impact Family Chiropractic because I was experiencing lower back pain during my first trimester of pregnancy. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t find a comfortable position sitting or laying down. I never had any doubts that chiropractic care would work, and I knew I wanted to take the natural way to health for me and for the baby. I now have no lower back pain, no allergy outbreaks, and my overall energy has increased.”

– McKenzie C.


“In 2013, right after I had my first child, a doctor wanted to put me on anxiety medication. It wasn’t until after I started to see results that I realized how much I was really struggling and just letting myself live with that. Within 1 year of starting chiropractic care I saw a big time reduction in my anxiety.”

– Melissa C.


“Before I started getting treatment I had bouts of depression and a couple other physical pains. In the two months of treatment my mood has been greatly lifted, it’s easy to feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re pain free.”

– Anthony R.


“Right after she was born, my daughter was struggling with colic specifically intestinal problems and having full bowel movements. She was crying at night and just uncomfortable. Within the hour after her first adjustment, she had a full bowel movement and the fussiness at night stopped because she was no longer uncomfortable”

– Melissa C.

Bed Wetting

“After chiropractic care, he hasn’t had an accident in over 6 weeks. We’ve even scheduled his first sleepover because we don’t have to worry about him getting embarrassed. It’s been life changing for him.”

– Teresa B.


“Improvements with Georgia’s sleep were almost immediate after her first adjustment. She went from waking up 2-3 times a night every night at almost 3 years old, to waking up only once a night once per week. We’ve seen drastic improvements in sleep, but also improvements in her mood.”

– Katie H.


“This type of chiropractic care is perfect for what we need. Having a daughter with emotional needs (ADHD, OCD) this really focuses on her nervous system giving her the best approach to finding relief. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a chiropractor or a different approach to emotional needs.”

– Chrissy H.

Ear Infections

“Our twin girls were notorious for getting ear infections really often and being able to bring them in when they’re starting to not feel good and getting them adjusted to open the pathways for drainage has been so helpful. But they’ve also just been less sick overall since starting chiropractic care.”

– Ricardo O.


“After Micah was born he had a little slant to his head when you looked at him. We had taken him to his pediatric doctor, and after talking with a friend they recommended seeing a chiropractor. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw Impact Family Chiropractic and we booked an appointment that day. After his second or third adjustment, he had full range of motion and didn’t have that slant, his head was just straight.”

– Anna O.


“I originally came to Impact Family Chiropractic because I had an anterior fusion of C4-C7. I had very little range of motion in my neck, 3 blown disks and no feeling in my right hand due to the nerve damage. After chiropractic care, I am completely pain free and I have feeling in all my fingers. I have full range of motion which means I can drive again because I can check my blind spots. It’s life changing. I’m on 0 pain medications and have no pain after having a massive surgery.”

– McKenzy M.


“I originally came to Impact Family Chiropractic because I was having pretty severe sciatic pain. I had had it for about 3 weeks and I thought the pain would just go away- but it just got worse and worse. By the end of those 3 weeks I was almost immobile. After seeing Dr. Aaron for a couple months, my sciatic pain cleared up and I haven’t had any issues with it since.”

– Michael K.


“We came to Impact Family Chiropractic because my son was diagnosed with ASD and was struggling with behaviors such as yelling, anxiety, and tantrums. We had tried Occupational Therapy with minimal improvements, but in just a week of beginning chiropractic care we noticed little things with compliance such as taking off shoes and placing socks in them in the appropriate place. We also saw shorter duration of tantrums.”

– Rebecca R.

Sensory Processing

“My daughter struggles with anxiety and sensory processing difficulties. After Dr. Aaron started to adjust her, the changes have been phenomenal. She’s more attentive, she’s able to talk to strangers- which just didn’t happen before, and her anxiety levels are way down. She’s able to sit down at the dinner table and eat better now. The improvements have been life changing for us and her.”

– Michael K.