Chiropractors are NOT Real Doctors

by Apr 23, 2018Chiropractic Myths

Chiropractors are NOT “Real Doctors!

Common Chiropractic Myth Number 5:

In our practice, most of our families utilize Chiropractic as their primary care for their health.

If someone is not feeling well they get adjusted in order to naturally boost the immune system and to make sure their body is functioning well.

— If a child takes a big fall they come in and make sure they are in proper alignment.
— When we have busy seasons of sports we take care of their family athletes in order to reduce injuries and make sure they are recovering at their very best.
— We even have families that feel perfectly healthy bring in the entire family to make sure their nervous system (master control system of the body) is being properly maintained!

Its seems like many applications but all we do is one thing and one thing only. Analyze the nervous system and make sure it is functioning the way that it was intended.

In recent years, several things in the chiropractic community have happened:

  • There have been major advancements in the field of chiropractic care
  • The rate of the average person utilizing care has increased
  • Entire communities have begun taking care of their health in a natural way with a chiropractor

Even with all of that, we still occasionally hear “Chiropractors are not real doctors”.

We simply smile and love on them.

You see, the Latin origin of doctor actually means teacher. In that sense, I do not know of a more qualified doctor out there.

Our mission has always been to reach as much of our community as possible in order to start the conversation about how much potential each individual has to THRIVE in their health and not just get by.

There are two major classifications of health approaches.

First is the outside-in approach to your health.

This is where we add something to our bodies such as prescription/ over the counter drugs, surgeries or even replacing parts of the body in order to regain health.

For example, we have reoccurring headaches and each time we have a headache we take an ibuprofen, Excedrin or a prescription drug. Each time the headaches feel better but did we solve anything? Why are we getting headaches? Why are they not going away?

The other approach is an inside-out approach.

This is where we recognize that headaches are not normal. We then ask the question, “if headaches are not normal, what has happened to allow me to get headaches?

We recognize that the body has the capability to heal and to recover as long as it is functioning the way that is was meant to. The golden question then is, are you functioning the way you were designed to be. If your interested in how the body functions read more here. For the reasons listed above I believe that chiropractors, doctors or teachers are all adequate terms to describe us.

The other thing we often get asked is, “So is Chiropractic like a six month course?”

The answer to that is of course not!

Chiro Study HoursWhile much of the schooling is fairly similar to your medical doctor we admittedly have very little pharmacology training. We cannot prescribe medications nor can we advise anyone on the prescriptions they are currently on.

Our schooling turns towards your spine and your nervous system.

Much of our doctorate program is designed to learn all of the bones of the spine but more importantly how they interact with their nervous system underneath. Our focus is to utilize the natural function of the body to create health.

The amazing thing is that we are VERY happy we have medical doctors! Sometimes we are so sick or our health has deteriorated enough to where it becomes dangerous. Those are the times we are very thankful for all of the medical professionals in our area.

We believe we should give our body every natural chance to restore health but when it becomes an emergency precautions much be taken.

Our ultimate goal is to always give each child and adult the best possible health outcome today and years from now.

The body was designed for health we just need to maintain it properly. The next time you have aches and pains or dysfunction ask yourself, is this normal? If it is not normal, is it a medical emergency?

If so the ER is the place to go. If not consider chiropractic and consider giving your body a natural boost.


Dr. Aaron Cain