Chiropractic Care HURTS!!

by Apr 2, 2018Chiropractic Myths

Adjustments Hurt!

Common Chiropractic Myth Number 4:

This past weekend we were at a city held Easter egg hunt for kids and families. Multiple times that evening we were talking to parents and they would say that they had been adjusted before and even though they felt better afterward, the adjustment hurt.

They would then say I would never let anyone do that to my kids. That’s why this week we are talking about the Chiropractic adjustment and more specifically if they have to hurt.

Let’s first take a minute and distinguish what qualifies as a Chiropractic adjustment and what does not.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Adjustment vs Manipulation vs Cracking

Lets go in the order listed above:

Chiropractic Adjustment-

Designed to Locate, Analyze and then remove a subluxation. Subluxation is a small misalignment of the spine that can put pressure on the nervous system. That pressure can challenge the nervous system at that particular level of the spine as well as globally. There are a variety of techniques Chiropractors use but the intent is the same.


Often times used by physical therapists or other professionals. The intent is to relieve pressure in a joint in order to restore motion and make that particular joint feel better.


What people do on their own. Maybe its cracking their own neck or back. Once again this feels good when pressure is relieved.

Where Does the Pain Come From?

Posterior Spinal Segment descriptive imageJust like the picture demonstrates there are multiple parts to each of the joints of your spine.

One part, in particular, is the facet joints. These joints are different in each region of your spine. They are designed this way because each region of your spine is designed to move differently. It allows and limits certain movements of the spine.

For example, you cannot lean backward and place your head on the ground because these joints limit that movement.

Here is the most important question. Whether you are adjusting, manipulating or cracking your spine do you know the proper movement of that very particular bone? If not then you have the potential to stress out the muscles, tendons and ligaments in that area and cause pain.

The other option is that a certain joint is ailing before the adjustment. For example, someone walks into the office and they have a very sore low back. It is inflamed, locked up and very sore. At that point, any physical touch of any kind will not feel good.

Meet ‘The Integrator’

The Integrator chiropractic toolIn our office we pride ourselves on being very SPECIFIC. We utilize an instrument for our adjusting called the integrator.

This allows us to deliver a very specific adjustment that can also be very gentle.

If you can locate and adjust only the areas of the spine that are causing pressure on the nerves then you do not have to adjust every bone in the spine.

We very carefully analyze the nervous system with multiple state-of-the-art technologies. Once we can pinpoint those very specific areas of the spine and nervous system we can then deliver a very specific adjustment. The more specific the adjustment can be the less force needs to be used.

Our technique is so gentle that we use the same adjustment on a 3 year old child as we do our parents and grandparents!

So, What Now?

The pain from an adjustment is typically because we move a bone in a direction that it was not designed for.

Chiropractors have years of training in order to know how every bone in your body is designed to move. Pair that with a complete analysis of your spine and nervous system and you can pinpoint the exact bone that needs to be adjusted as well track the improvements made to the spine and nervous system.

The technique used by a Chiropractor will vary, some like our office, use low force techniques that can be delivered with low force and can be very gentle. No matter what you do remember that your nervous system is the most important system in your body and the spine is there for protection.

Remember to get your spine and nervous checked in order to maintain your health at an optimal level. Chiropractic is for all ages and gentle adjustments can be used.


Dr. Aaron Cain