Spine-Nervous System Connection and What It Means for Your Health

by Apr 23, 2021Benefits of Chiropractic Care, FAQs About Chiropractic

What is the spine-nervous system connection?

One question that we often get once someone comes in and gets a set of neurological scans and X-rays if needed is, “what does your spine have to do with your nerves?” Whether the appointment is for a child or adult we have a saying that we use in the office and that is Structure equals Function.

If the structure (our spine) that is there to protect the nerves becomes compromised then it can lead to imbalances and tension on our nerves and nervous system.

spine-and-nervous-systemA perfect example is a 12 year old boy that recently started care that was experiencing headaches, increased allergies and constipation.

Typically those things are very separate and may require multiple doctors or medications. When we took an X-ray of his neck we found that there was zero curve left in his neck and then our nerve scans showed a major imbalance at the top of his neck.

The structure had been compromised, in his case it was a sports injury, and had started to change the function of the nerves underneath.

Your body is extremely intelligent and much like a check engine light, your body will let you know something is wrong in the form of pain and dysfunction.

Now in this specific case it just so happens that some of the main nerves that coordinate digestion, response to the environment (allergies) and pain like headaches are all located at the top of the neck. Structure equals function.

So are chiropractors bone doctors or nerve doctors?

The answer is YES. Your brain and nervous system are stimulated and kept healthy through proper movement.

If there are areas in the spine that are not moving appropriately your brain does not receive proper information from the body and in return cannot coordinate your health properly. So your body will start to tell you something is wrong in the way you feel or function.

Our job is to locate those areas in the spine (called subluxations) and remove them so that those communication pathways can work the way that they need to.

Add in the fact that most people are living sedentary lifestyles (less movement), chronically stressed and are hooked to electronics all day.

It’s no secret that movement is crucial to anyone’s long-term health. As it becomes less common to exercise and move our bodies it is becoming more common for people to seek Chiropractic as a drug free/surgery free option for their health.


How can we help?

Every person that enters our office has a very unique set of stressors, old injuries, medical concerns and goals but the way the body functions, heals and thrives is not unique.

Correct the problem at the source or mask the symptoms and proceed.

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. Schedule a consultation here!

In Health,
Dr. Aaron