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Not found relief from your constant pain


Lived for multiple years on pain medication, with no relief


Struggled with chronic health issues, with no apparent cause?


Never experienced chiropractic care, but are intrigued

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living to THRIVING?

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Myth →

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Common Myths:

A chiropractor has to “pop” my back to help me

“An adjustment is not successful by the sound it makes!”

Chiropractors are not “real” doctors

“We are appointed our doctorates by the NBCE after a 4 year doctorate program”

All chiropractors are the same

“Our state-of-the-art technology makes us stand out above the rest”

Chiro care is only for adults

“Chiropractic care can (and should) begin as an infant, with a chiro who specializes in children”

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Click the button below to receive a CORE scan for $20 (individual) or bring the WHOLE family (up to 7 people) for only $50.

What is a CORE Scan?

A CORE scan uses three incredible technologies to objectively measure how you are functioning: The scan consists of thermography, surface EMG, and a Pulse Wave Profiler (that measures your Heart Rate Variability).


What is it Not?

This is not the next new health trend to hit the market. Your body runs at it’s best when your nervous system is healthy

The only answer. Chiropractic is not always the answer. A patient is qualified through a thorough exam and consultation

This is not a “chiro factory”. You are not just the next patient in a factory line. You and your health problems are our #1 priority.

A guessing game. State-of-the-art technology pinpoints the exact cause of your health problems, no guessing needed

What Do You Get?



What role does the nervous system play in our body?

A Plan

An action plan for improving your long-term health.

Digital X-Ray

Immediate, comprehensive scans of your spine.

A Choice

A drug-free alternative to chronic pain.

Core Score

Combination of all scan results, to get to your root health.

A Team

Compassion, understanding, passion; every step of the way.

I entered treatment at Impact Family Chiropractic after suffering for months with the earaches, headaches and facial paralysis common from Bell’s Palsy. From the first visit, I knew I was in the right place. Dr. Aaron Cain did a full neurological exam that pinpointed several significant issues and I was able to clearly see from the scans and x-rays how my nervous system was not functioning properly. Dr. Cain’s commitment to setting a foundation for overall health have been instrumental in my decision to go forward with treatment. I have seen numerous doctors over the last year without experiencing the care, kindness, compassion and solid treatment plan offered at Impact. We are just a few weeks in, but my improvement has me excited for what’s ahead!

Elizabeth A.

It is time…

To Let Your Body THRIVE