At Impact Family Chiropractic, Dr. Aaron Cain utilizes a neurologically-based, natural, and safe chiropractic technique called TRT, or Torque Release Technique.  This technique is unique in that an adjustment is delivered with just the right amount of force while the spine in a perfectly natural, relaxed position, while a more traditional adjustment by manual thrust requires the spine to be stretched and results in the cracking or popping sounds.  The Torque Release Technique takes advantage of the body’s natural healing properties to help the body heal, ease pain, and experience optimal health and wellness.

About TRT

TRT uses a specialized tool called the integrator to correct spinal misalignments and bring about relief.  This tool is a handheld chiropractic adjustment tool that uses low force thrust on the spine for specific, three-dimensional adjustments.  It relies on thrust, recoil, and torque to correct spinal misalignments.  This technique is not painful or forceful, and it goes above and beyond traditional, manual chiropractic care to ensure proper body alignment for healing and health.

How It Works

When new practice members get under care with us at Impact Family Chiropractic, Hutto chiropractor Dr. Aaron Cain will perform an initial assessment of the spine to locate spinal misalignments.  He will look at leg length and test muscle tension of the hips and legs to pinpoint the exact area of spinal misalignments.  Then, Dr. Cain will utilize the integrator tool.  It focuses less on spinal manipulation and more on nerve endings to stimulate the central nervous system.  When six pounds of pressure is placed on the pre-cocked integrator mechanism, it will release pressure with a slight twist, or torque, that breaks up neurological patterns that lead to spinal misalignments.  It releases pressure of ¼ of an inch at 1/10,000th of a second.  It is this quickness, along with the recoil and torque, that are vital to the success of the Torque Release Technique.  The integrator sends an impulse to the muscles and nerves surrounding the spine that causes them to relax and release tension so they can move back into proper positioning.  The three components of TRT create a beneficial response within the body that removes spinal misalignments, reduces nerve interference, and corrects other nervous system issues for increased health and improved quality of life.

TRT Is Different from Other Techniques

Regular chiropractic adjustments require force and strength from chiropractors.  That manual type of adjustment isn’t as accurate as TRT because a hand cannot be as precise as the specialized integrator tool.  Additionally, because other chiropractic techniques rely on force from a chiropractor, they can be either too harsh or not powerful enough.  But Hutto chiropractor Dr. Aaron Cain provides more specific adjustments with the use of TRT and the integrator tool.  This type of adjustment is easier on the body as the muscles and vertebrae are able to relax and move back into place without the use of force, requiring less stress on the central nervous system.

To experience this gentle and safe chiropractic technique that helps the body heal and correct itself on its own, schedule a consultation with Dr. Aaron Cain of Impact Family Chiropractic. Dr. Cain’s office is located in Round Rock, but he and his staff proudly serve those in Pflugerville, Hutto, Cedar Park, and Georgetown.


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