All I Need is a Few Adjustments

by Apr 16, 2018Chiropractic Myths

I Only Need A Few Adjustments to be “Cured”

Common Chiropractic Myth Number 4:

A few years ago I walked into a dentist’s office after missing a few cleaning because I was too “busy”. I filled out the new patient paperwork and waited to be called back.

Since I was a new patient they wanted to take a new set of x-rays to get my file up to date. After we take 8-10 new films they finally bring me back into the room.

When it was all said and done I was told that I needed some additional work because I knocked my tooth out when I was a child and it had started to shift. They scheduled me for multiple follow-ups and stated that I may need braces! The braces could be on for 6 months to two years.

Luckily I did not need the set of braces but it recently got me thinking of some current conversations we have in the office.

By the time we start their care most of our practice members understand two things:

  1. Dysfunction and pain took years to develop
  2. It will be a process getting the body functioning at a high level again

Occasionally we will get a phone call asking if they can just “pop” (no pun intended) in and get a “quick” adjustment. We then explain that we do not take any chances with their health and we utilize state-of-the-art technology to locate the cause of individuals’ health concerns and then if needed pair that with a chiropractic postural x-ray to get an inside view of their spine.

We then take the time to carefully analyze the results in order to give them the highest standard of care possible. If that is not what they had in mind typically we will refer them to someone that can give them what they are looking for.

The other thing we will typically hear is, “I just need a few adjustments to get out of pain”.

Again our practice members know three things:

  1. Chiropractic adjustments are not intended to treat pain, but to restore function
  2. As the function of the body (nervous system) increases, pain relief is an amazing side effect
  3.  Chiropractic (in our office) is not used as a band aid to make you feel better but a correction that allows you to function better

So what does this have to do with my story about my trip to the dentist?

Straighten spine - chiro xrays

If we can accept that it will take YEARS to correct the alignment of your teeth via braces, how can we assume that a FEW of adjustments taking DAYS will fix years of stress on your spine and nervous system?


When we go over all of our x-rays we typically ask two questions:

  1. Do you think these issues on your x-rays are from one event or a process?
  2. Do you think it will be a process during care or one event?

It is very important to us here at impact Family Chiropractic that we find out very early if our goals are the same.

You see, I have never seen anyone that has gone to a dentist and paid thousands of dollars to put braces on and then 2 weeks later say I think my teeth are straight and i want to take them off.

That is why we explain that care in our office is a process and it requires time.

If someone does not have the time to commit we are very upfront and let them know this is not a good time to start care. When it is a good time we will be here waiting and ready to jump into this process with them!


Dr. Aaron Cain