Health is Wealth

by Jan 2, 2018Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Ever heard the old saying Health is Wealth?

As we start 2018, it is customary to set your New Years resolutions.

Some of the most common goals that I have heard over the years are losing weight, not eating sugar, not drinking alcohol, building wealth, reading more books, getting back in shape and spending more time with those you love.

While each of those are very good goals in themselves they all require one thing-they all require that you are healthy and well enough to pursue your goals. You see your health is the most important asset that you have in life.

Without your health you lose the ability to chase your goals and impact others.

This week in the office we are personally challenging each practice member to commit to THEMSELVES.

It sounds selfish I know, but until you can fully commit to improving yourself, it is very difficult to help those around you.

I personally found this out the hard way when our office first opened. Not sleeping, not eating right, not working out and not focusing on my own health brought my mind and body to a breaking point.

How could I possibly help create a healthier community when I could not take proper care of myself.

It was not until I started focusing on my own health that I learned to serve others at a greater potential. That is why I believe NOW is the best time to commit to YOURSELF.

We see it on a daily basis in the office. Moms and Dads come in seeking answers and help for their children when they cannot find help anywhere else. One of our first goals is to educate the parents on the importance of their health.

Sleepless nights, crying and arguments are far to common when a family is struggling with their health.

We strive to help each individual family member function at the highest possible level the way God intended so that they can serve and love each other at a higher capacity.

As I write this blog on 1/1/18 we are preparing a wall in the office where our practice members can write down their goals and hang them up.

Research shows that if you write your goals down you are 40% more likely to reach them. So whatever your goals are, write them down and place them in a spot that you will see them everyday.

Beyond writing them down make sure that you use a system such as SMART.

S- Specific


A- Attainable

R- Realistic

T- Timely

For example, my entire New Years Resolution revolves around my morning routine.

I want to wake up at 5:00am Monday through Friday. This will allow me to do a daily devotional, workout for one hour, prep food for the day and prepare for the day at the office.

I write this in my passion planner each day and check off each part of the morning routine as I complete it. At the end of the week, I can track anything I missed and restructure the week in order to achieve my goals. 

While each individual’s goal will be different the process to completing the goals will be the same.

As we prepare for 2018 the entire team at Impact Family Chiropractic prays that each and every one of you has a year full of blessings.

We  thank each and every one of you for the opportunity to change lives and make our community the healthiest place in the country to raise a family.

Dr. Aaron Cain