Establishing Your Health’s Baseline

by Mar 26, 2021Family Chiropractic Care, FAQs About Chiropractic

Establish a Health Baseline First

One of the most rewarding aspects of being in a Family based Chiropractic Clinic is getting to meet families and learn about their stories. Some families are just starting their health journey and are looking for a fresh start while others who have been on a journey for years are looking to take their health to the next level.

The process looks similar in that we must first establish their baseline or where they are health wise right now.

Answering that question can be very complex for some and very simple for others. The thing that we are constantly preaching is that you cannot make an educated decision about your health if you do not know your starting point or where you are currently at. 

How Do You Determine Your Starting Point?

woman with core chiropractic scansSome individuals judge their health on how they look or feel. I don’t believe this is a good approach because there are some very serious conditions/diseases that do not have symptoms to start such as cancer or heart attacks. The fact that you look good unfortunately also has very little to do with the health of your body.

A second approach is to test your body. Blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol levels, sleep patterns, weight, exams on specific body parts like your eyes the list goes on and on. I believe the one thing that we can all agree upon is there are a ton of ways to view and establish your health’s baseline.

In our office, we believe that tests are good! If you take your blood pressure and it is high you then have a starting point and can start a process to correct it.

The problem is that there are thousands of tests, most of which lead to a medication or therapy that is designed to mask the issue not fix it. Now don’t get me wrong, medicine and interventions save lives every day. I believe however if at all possible that should not be our first route. 

Just like I would not like a mechanic to duct tape an issue with my engine I would not want to place duct tape on our health. The question then becomes how do you in a simple and effective way establish your baseline?

Looking for the next step? Make your health decisions based on strength, not fear.

For us, health starts and ends with your nervous system.

Thermography, EMG, and Heart Rate VariabilityYou see the nervous system is in control over EVERY other system in your body. Immune system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, digestive system, respiratory system and all others are directly under the control of your nervous system. So would it not make sense to start there? If all the power went off in your house you can check each individual light bulb or you can check your breaker box first.

This picture is three pieces of technology (Thermography, EMG, and Heart Rate Variability) designed to measure your nervous system and show us how it is functioning. If it’s doing great then we need additional testing, but if it’s not, we need to start there.

When we can see the good and the bad of how an individual is functioning then we can start to form proper conversations and proper and create a self-care system that serves that individual.

We are often told that our health is our greatest asset in life. It is the vehicle in which we pursue our dreams, take care of one another and get the most out of life.

Our mission is to educate our community and start changing the conversation about where health comes from and how to maintain it.

Ready to get started? Schedule your first appointment and establish your health’s baseline!