Chiropractic and Pregnancy

by Aug 15, 2018Benefits of Chiropractic Care, Family Chiropractic Care


In our practice it is common to see pregnant women, newborn babies and families getting care. We often have people stop and watch us adjust the pregnant women and babies and often when it is their turn to get adjusted I will get asked why a pregnant woman needs chiropractic care.

Whenever we talk about the benefits of chiropractic care for pregnant women we typically break this into two categories both of which directly affect the other. We are taught very early in school that our brain is the smart organ that tells everything else what to do. Your heart beats and lungs breath as well as your immune system constantly fending off bacteria and germs. This all takes place without one having to consciously think about it. Your body has an inborn system that controls and regulates your health every second of every day while we are alive. One of the most miraculous things your brain and nervous system can do is not only keep up with all of those tasks but for women, it can also grow another human at the same time. We often hear about women that eat well and exercise before and during their pregnancies have easier pregnancies and sometimes even births. It makes sense that if the body has all of the nutrition it needs and is in good physical shape we would be better suited for pregnancy.

What often gets left out is the system that is coordinating moms health as well as the entire pregnancy…the nervous system. Each milestone during a pregnancy requires a careful change in the moms physical, chemical and neurological makeup to create the safest and most beneficial environment for the baby. When the body is functioning like it needs to often times babies will stay in proper position or even move to a more favorable head down position.

It makes sense that if the body has all of the nutrition it needs and is in good physical shape we would be better suited for pregnancy.

We often get the question of when should I start care. Our answer is always when you decide to try and get pregnant. During conception, a baby starts from one cell that was created from a sperm and an egg. That cell divides like crazy until there are enough cells to produce structures. Guess what the babies first structure formed is…THE NERVOUS SYSTEM! From there the entire human body is formed and we give birth to a baby. Does it not make sense that we would want to be in the best possible neurological shape while our babies are creating their own!

The Second category of benefits is structural and physical. Often times pregnant ladies come into the office suffering from things like low back pain, sciatica, headaches and mid back pain. The body is going through rapid changes and often times that can cause discomfort. A chiropractor that sees pregnant women pay very close attention to the mom’s pelvis. It is no secret that the pelvis is the structure that must undergo the most changes in order to have a successful birth. The sacroiliac joints, pubic bones, tailbone and lower back when in proper alignment not only help with the aches, pains, and discomfort but also allows the pregnancy to progress optimally. Often times we can enter into a pregnancy with older misalignment’s or injuries that can cause the pelvis to not function the way it needs to during the birthing process. That is a second reason why we always tell our moms the sooner you can get under care the better!

Much of this particular blog has been about the benefits of chiropractic care for the mom but we cannot forget the benefits the child receives as well. We know that no matter what a tough or prolonged labor on the mom is a tough or prolonged labor on the baby as well. We often see things like torticollis, hematomas, neck injuries as well as many others when parents bring in their newborns. One of the best way to help prevent these types of injuries is to make sure the mom is properly taken care of!

If you have any questions regarding kids and pregnancy reach out, its one of our favorite topics. If your interested in getting evaluated before or during your pregnancy go here.