Our Approach is Revolutionizing Childhood Wellness

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Truly Integrative Healing

We're going beyond the bone structure and diving deep into what makes your child's body tick: the Nervous System.

By addressing nerve function we are able to address so many conditions beyond physical pain and have seen incredible results for those living with a multitude of childhood symptoms ranging from struggles with sensory integration to attention & focus.

We know that by using the right scans to read someone's unique nerve activity, we can align the spine to optimize the nervous system and thus provide a foundation for the body and it's incredible ability to heal and function at its peak, no matter the trauma or ailment.

Working Side by Side Health Professionals

We are die-hard advocates for children and their parents which is why we believe so strongly in the power of a cohesive "Team of Experts" for every child.

We believe that to earn a spot on your chid's team is a huge privilege.

From Family Physicians to Occupational Therapists, we believe in integrating ourselves into your team by providing you care that amplifies healing and thus amplifies results with those other professionals who are just as committed to your child's wellness as we are.

We Create a Treatment Plan Designed Specifically for Your Child

We are not your run-of-the-mill, single visit chiropractor. Every patient goes through a detailed consultation process to help us best define a course of treatment catered specifically to the individual child.

Through this process we invest a lot of time, energy and effort into ensuring we craft a course of action that will yield the greatest long term results.

The Latest Technology for the Most Effective Results

Just like the Medical Industry has evolved drastically in the past 50 years, so has Chiropractic.

We use some of the latest and safest thermal scanning equipment designed by NASA to properly measure how your nervous system is functioning and responding to past and present trauma. We want to see what's happening within so we can treat precisely and with purpose.

Guessing Isn't an Option

We use a newly emerging Torque Release Technique that focuses on your child's specific nerve function.

We use an Integrator (small handheld device) that makes precise, gentle adjustments to specific bones in the spine and is completely safe for all ages.

This relieves subluxation (disruption) to the nervous system and allows the entire root system of your body to begin to properly function.

Join the Childhood Health Revolution

"My son with sensory integration dysfunction has seen especially amazing results. We had serious sleep struggles, multiple meltdowns a day, no signs of empathy, very little language and poor motor skills.

Chiropractic has been an integral part of his healing and we have been meltdown free for three months now with my son sleeping through the night. He's also finally caught up to his peers with language and has started reading and writing, and is finally starting to explore his abilities to ride a bike!

After a few months of chiropractic he also started showing signs of empathy and is now one of the most conscientious, thoughtful little boys i know.

We never thought these things would be possible for him and we are blown away by how much this has changed his life for the better. I can't rave enough about the amazing results we've seen and can't imagine a better place to help keep my family healthy, especially my kids. (I can't tell you how many ear infections doctor Aaron has helped us with to keep us from needing antibiotics.) Go see them you won't regret it!
Kara June Orton