Your immune system is constantly being challenged, whether it’s the lady behind you coughing at the grocery store, your kiddos bringing home school germs, or someone turning to sneeze and you find yourself right in  the line of fire.

Did you know that the flu affects over 45 million people per year in the US

With flu “season” upon us, one of the most powerful ways to naturally boost your immune system is Neurologically-Based chiropractic care. 

Your nervous system controls your immune system and communicates messages to every single cell, tissue and organ in the human body. When the external stressors of poor health, work, finances, personal relationships, parenting (by the way, kids are NOT immune to stressors either – school, tests, grades, social anxiety, etc.) and life in general overcome your body’s ability to meet their demands, your immune system becomes compromised.

These stressors literally create a prime opportunity for the flu and other pathogens to wreak their unrelenting havoc on our bodies. 

Enter neurologically-based chiropractic care.

Research shows that routine chiropractic adjustments can boost your immune system by up to 200%! This is because spinal subluxations can create MASSIVE internal stress on our bodies and interfere with our nervous system’s ability to communicate vital messages. 

By removing spinal subluxations through gentle chiropractic adjustments, you effectively improve communication, decrease stress and ramp up your immune system! (And your family chiropractor did all the work!) 

So, when you start to feel the first tickle in your throat, that first sniffle or cough, instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet come in to get checked for interference to your nervous system. 

Let your family chiropractor keep you fine-tuned and ready to battle this year’s dreaded flu-season.

Next time your three-year-old sneezes in your face, you’ll be ready!